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Saros HOME FORUMS Free SOFTWERE-KEY Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen
Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen - 11 12 2011 - 21:33

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This is a Universal patch for ALL Reflexive Arcade (RA) games. It was created by Hack The Paradise (HTP).

Small applications but very useful for arcades addict like me. I wanna share with you guys since I can’t see that anybody post this before. I’ve been using this when RA start to change their security code style. No perfect universal keygen I found so far. Someday, maybe.

DOWNLOAD: http://adf.ly/7AIty

Enjoy . . .

1. Install Any Reflexive game.

2. If the game is running, close it.

3. Run the Reflexive patcher Keygen.

4. Click “Patch” button and locate the game. (*.exe)

5. Now you can play the game without nag-screens , “Buy” buttons and time limitations.

Homepage: http://www.freesoftwarekey.info/reflexive-arcade-games-universal-keygen/

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